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Founded by Claire Collins-Obi,
Author New York Best Seller:
Natural Baby Gender Selection

In a world where possibilities are endless, where science and knowledge converge, we find ourselves at the crossroads of an extraordinary chapter in the miracle of creation. As parents, we hold within us the dreams of nurturing a new life, a life that will one day shape the future and leave an indelible mark on the world.

With awe and wonder, we seek to understand the delicate balance of nature's design. The mystery of life, woven with intricacy and purpose, invites us to partake in the beauty of choice. 


What if you knew how possible it was for you to design the exact type of family dynamics you want?


What if you knew that it is absolutely possible to choose any gender of your child/ren before they were born?

What if you knew that you didn’t have to go through IVF or any costly procedure to achieve your dreams?

What if you knew that it was not up to 50-50chance and that there are tried and scientifically proven ways that you could NATURALLY tip all of the odds in your favour


I want to learn more,
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Dear Claire,


I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and share the incredible success I experienced with your natural gender selection method.

My name is Sarah, and my husband and I had been dreaming of expanding our family for quite some time. We already have a lovely daughter, and this time around, we were hoping for a baby boy to complete our family. The idea of trying to select the gender of our child naturally appealed to us, as we wanted to avoid any invasive procedures or medications.


After doing some research, we came across your 4-week pre-optimization program. Your informative resources, supportive staff, and the scientifically-backed approach convinced us that this was the right choice for us. We signed up with excitement and hope.

I can't express how thrilled we are to share that our dream came true on our very first attempt! Our baby boy, who we named Daniel, was born healthy and happy. It's almost surreal how accurately the method worked for us. Your program not only helped us conceive a son but also made the entire journey stress-free and enjoyable.


Throughout the program, your team was incredibly helpful and responsive to all our queries. The personalized guidance and expert advice were invaluable. We felt like you were with us every step of the way, which provided us with immense confidence and peace of mind.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone at NatureCares NGS for making our dream a reality. Our family is now complete, and we couldn't be happier. I wholeheartedly recommend your natural gender selection method to anyone seeking to expand their family with precision and joy.


Thank you once again for everything you've done for us. You've made a lasting impact on our lives, and we will forever be grateful.


Warm regards,


Sarah (Aberdeen, Scotland)


Dear Claire and her team,


I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. This is to share my profound gratitude and incredible joy with you after experiencing unparalleled success with your natural gender selection method.


My name is Rhonda, and my journey to motherhood has been a remarkable one. I faced difficulties conceiving for many years, and I must admit that I had nearly given up hope. My desire to have a child was still strong, and I decided to explore every possible avenue. That's when I came across your 4-week pre-optimization program.


I was amazed by the testimonials and the scientific approach behind your method. At the age of 50, I knew time was of the essence, and I wanted to make every effort to increase my chances of having a child. Your program seemed like the perfect fit for me. With hope and a bit of trepidation, I embarked on this journey with your guidance and support. I can hardly put into words the joy and amazement I felt when I found out that I was expecting a baby girl after my very first attempt! It felt like a miracle.


My daughter, whom we've named Emily, is the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. Your method not only allowed me to fulfil my dream of becoming a mother but also granted me the incredible experience of having a daughter at the age of 50. I cannot express how grateful I am for this blessing.


Your team has been nothing short of exceptional throughout this journey. The personal attention and expertise provided were beyond compare. I felt like I had a dedicated support system, which was particularly comforting considering my age and previous struggles.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to [Your Company Name] for making the impossible possible. You have given me a precious gift, and I will forever cherish this experience. To anyone out there facing similar challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend your natural gender selection method. It has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.

Thank you once again for being a part of this incredible journey with me.


Lots of love,


Rhonda   England (UK)


Dear Claire,


I still can’t believe this is real but here am I sharing an extraordinary success story that your program has helped us achieve – the addition of a baby boy to our family. My husband and I had been blessed with two beautiful daughters. While we adored them with all our hearts, we couldn't help but dream of completing our family with a son. The desire to have a boy was strong, but we were also committed to finding a natural and non-invasive method to achieve our goal.

That's when we discovered your 8-week pre-optimization program. The idea of undergoing this journey together as a couple was incredibly appealing to us. We were ready for the challenge and excited to see if it would bring us the joy of having a son. 


I am thrilled to say that our dreams have become a reality. After completing your program, we made our first attempt, and to our greatest astonishment and joy, we saw a beautiful baby boy during the first scan, which was also confirmed at subsequent scans as I struggled to believe it at first.  I am 7months in now and I have almost finished with decorating his room in all things blue, and I cannot wait to hold him in my arms!! His arrival will now completed our family in a way we had only dared to dream of, and I still pinch myself every now and then just to be sure it’s real. You have no idea how much this means to my family and our future, but all I can say is that the gift that your programme has helped us to receive is simply PRICELESS! 


The knowledge, guidance, and support we received from your program were invaluable. We were impressed by the depth of information provided and the ease with which we could integrate it into our lives. Your team's responsiveness and encouragement gave us the confidence to pursue our dream, and it paid off beyond our wildest expectations.


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for making this possible. Your program has given us the greatest gift of all – the joy of having a son to balance our family. We are forever grateful for your help and support and we cannot wait to finally meet him.


To anyone considering your pre-optimization program, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It has brought us unimaginable happiness, and we are proof that with dedication and your expert guidance, dreams can indeed come true.

Thank you once again for being a part of this incredible journey with us.


Warmest regards,


Ijeoma(Texas, USA)


Dear Claire,


I don’t know if you still remember me, but I knew you from when we did school runs together at a primary school in England. You were discussing your Natural Gender Selection technique with your friends where we were all waiting to pick up our children. I couldn’t help but to overhear your conversation which sparked my interest, as I was at the time exploring the idea of conceiving my third child with my husband, after having been blessed with 2 gorgeous little boys. I desperately wanted a little girl, but as I had heard that the body for some reason tends to become used to producing the same gender if you had had multiple pregnancies with one gender. My husband was not so keen as he was okay with just two boys, but I felt outnumbered sometimes and wanted a little princess.


To cut a long story short, I asked if you could share your method with me and to my greatest surprise, you happily sent me the resources and also continued to correspond with me all the way through the 4-weeks pre-optimisation. Well I’m here to share that your program worked Claire and we’ve got our little princess, who is now a big girl. I am sorry that it took me a while to write you to share this great news, but I lost or couldn’t find your email until I accidentally stumbled across our correspond a short while ago.


I am truly grateful for this gift you gave me and I also went ahead to refer my friend Dee who also achieved success following her use of your method. Thanks for all the meaningful contribution you’re making to people’s lives all around the world.


Kind regards 


Ula (Lithuania)


Hello Claire,


I wanted to share an uplifting story with you. My daughter, encouraged by her mother, Estrella, embarked on your pre-optimization program with the dream of balancing her family with a baby boy.

Thanks to your program's guidance and support, her dream has become a reality. She and her husband succeeded on their first attempt and welcomed a precious baby boy into their family.

Estrella couldn't be prouder as a grandma, and we are all overjoyed. Your program has made a significant impact on our lives, and we are deeply grateful for this happiness.




Esmeralda (Phillipines)


Hi Claire,


 A friend of mine referred  me to your program after having used your method previously and achieved her desired gender with your help.

My husband and I were hoping for a baby girl. After completing your program strictly, we made our first attempt, and I am delighted to announce that our dream came true. We welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our lives at the first try.


Your expertise has made many families incredibly happy. Thank you for helping me and my husband achieve our dream of having a baby girl.


Best regards,


Dee (Ula’s friend) (Lithuania)


Dear Claire and her team,


I wanted to share a remarkable journey of determination and success with your pre-optimization program.


I initially wanted a girl as my first child, signed up for your program. Unfortunately, I didn't strictly adhere to the program's guidelines and ended up with a baby boy. I absolutely love my boy to the moon and back regardless. However, my unwavering desire for a baby girl brought me back to Claire, where I admitted my previous lapse but I was determined to try again, because there was something about Claire’s program that just made sense to me, especially after my initial lapse (my own fault) produced the opposite of what I was going for. 


This time, I followed the program diligently, and I'm thrilled to share that  we successfully welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family. With my experiences so far with Claire’s natural gender selection method, it was crystal clear to me that you have to commit to the program 100% without cheating, otherwise you may as well not bother. It is a case of one harvesting exactly the seeds they sow! You cannot cheat your way through it I learned.


I felt compelled to share my story as a testimonial to the effectiveness of your program and the power of persistence. Dreams can indeed come true with the right guidance and commitment. My partner and I now have a balanced family - a son and a daughter and we are truly grateful to Claire and her team for their support and patience with me throughout those few years.


Best regards


Angie. (Nigeria)


Dear Claire,


My husband  and I had three wonderful boys but longed for a baby girl to complete their family. Financial constraints made traditional IVF unattainable for them. In their quest for a solution, they stumbled across Claire's Natural Gender Selection program and decided to enrol.


To our joy and amazement, we successfully welcomed a baby girl into their lives, and we’ve named her Claire-Elizabeth. Your program not only fulfilled our dream but also did so without the financial burden of IVF.

This heartwarming story is a testimonial to the accessibility and effectiveness of Claire's Natural Gender Selection program in making family dreams a reality. Keep up the great work Claire and I am so grateful to be part of these success stories.


Kind regards,


Lyndsey (Atlanta, USA)


Dear Claire,


I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my profound gratitude and share the incredible success I experienced with Claire's Pre-Optimization Method.

My name is Simran, and my husband and I already had two wonderful children, both girls. While our hearts were full of love for our daughters, we longed to complete our family with a baby boy. The desire was strong, and we were determined to find a natural and effective way to make our dream come true.


That's when we discovered Claire's Pre-Optimization Method. We were drawn to the program's scientific approach and decided to give it a try. I am thrilled to share that our decision has led to a joyous outcome.

Following Claire's guidance, we embarked on this journey with hope and determination. The program's thoroughness and the personalized support we received were invaluable. It was evident that Claire's team genuinely cared about our success.


I am overjoyed to report that our dream came true, and we welcomed a healthy and happy baby boy into our family. This success has brought indescribable happiness and completion to our lives.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Claire and her team for their dedication and expertise. Your Pre-Optimization Method has made a profound impact on our family, and we are forever grateful.


To anyone considering this method, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It has brought us unimaginable joy, and I am proof that, with dedication and Claire's guidance, dreams can indeed become a beautiful reality.

Thank you once again for helping us achieve our dream.


Warmest regards,


Simran (India)

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