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NatureCares Liquorice & Hibiscus Dark Spots Skin Lightening Brightening Oil
  • NatureCares Liquorice & Hibiscus Dark Spots Skin Lightening Brightening Oil

    NatureCares Liquorice Roots and Hibiscus Skin Lightening Facial and Body Oil in 30ml luxury and smart dropper bottle. Packaging, shade and label designs may vary. Shake well before use.
    Read all descriptions thoroughly please!
    What to expect;
    Visibly clearer, brighter, more even skin tone with daily use over time. Our Liquorice and Hibiscus Lightening Oil is suitable for both men and women.
    Safely clears away pigmented and dead skin cells for a more clearer, youthful and even complexion.
    Moisturises, hydrates, and nourishes
    Contains only natural ingredients
    Invigorating tropical scent that sends you to momentary paradise
    Skin-pampering formula with emollients and occlussives
    SAFE FOR FACE & BODY USE: Suitable for both face and body, indulge your skin with this natural exfoliating soap and get ready to be amazed by its stunning results! If you’ve already tried every thing with no success, why not give our Brown Sugar and Oats exfoliatingv soap a go today and say good bye to dull tired-looking skin for good.
    NATURAL GOODNESS: This natural skin beautifying soap is ideal for daily use. Being natural, it makes an excellent addition to your everyday beauty care routine. So why wait? Grab yours now!
    What Makes Licorice Root So Powerful?
    To understand how to use licorice root for skincare needs, you should get a brief introduction on what makes this unique plant so therapeutic.
    Licorice root produces gel-like saponins named glycyrrhizin. This saponin secretes the reason for the sweet stalk’s sugary flavor, glycyrrhizic acid. You’ll see this wo