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Moringa: One Star Ingredient for Flawless Healthy Hair

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

When it comes to hair care regimes, you have to be consistent if you want to get rid of hair issyes completely. It is not limited to having a proper diet and regular shampoo wash. Besides healthy living, it is paramount to choose the right hair care products that can actually make a noticeable difference in the long run.

One star ingredient that you may need for healthy hair is none other than Moringa Oleifera. It is a plant that is native to India and equally grows in places such as Africa and sub-tropical countries. It is known by several names including the tree of life, miracle tree, drumstick tree, ben oil tree among others. It plays a pivotal role in restoring hair health due to its amazing properties. Moreover, It is widely consumed as part of a healthy diet that nourishes and provides the body with several health benefit. The leaves and the oil are used topically for both skin and hair care across the world, with its popularity being strengthened by the enormous amount of research into this wonder ingredient. If you're struggling with continual hair issues, perhaps natural products that contain Moringa as one of their core ingredients may just be what your hair needs.

From hair loss management (including thinning, split ends and breakage) to enhancing hair growth in bald areas, Moringa is truly a magical plant with myriads of amazing properties that will nurture and grow your hair to amazing lengths and with perfect gloss or lustre.

Discover some of the remarkable benefits of Moringa Oleifera

When it comes to Moringa's benefits, they are countless. Here are just a few of the ways that Moringa products may work wonders for your hair.

Use Pure Butter for Extreme Hair Nourishment

Besides regular hair wash, It is essential to nourish your hair with the best, pure, organic hair care products. Say no to harmful chemical products and yes to pure, vegan friendly- tried and trusted NatureCares Pure Chebe Moringa Fenugreek Intense Hair growth butter carefully formulated from natural Chebe Powder and Ayurvedic herbs. I have personally used it and let me tell you the results are mind-blowing. It truly helps in preventing hair loss, thinning, breakage, moisturizes your scalp, eliminates dandruff and is extremely effective in strengthening hair follicles. This is a diligently handmade product with the purest ingredients from certified sources.

The texture doesn't just feel velvety-creamy on application, but its deeply moisturising, hydrating and all-round nourishing properties yield excellent results that includes stronger, softer, glossier and healthier hair.

Don't forget to Apply Hair Conditioner

Say goodbye to endless tangles and knots of hair and enjoy perfectly smoothened, hydrated, and glossy hair with a special all-in-one hair conditioner. Whilst washing your hair seems like one of the basic hygiene steps you take in your hair care routine, it is worth remembering that a lot of the chemicals found in most of your regular shampoos tend to strip your hair and scalp of their natural sebum. They can oftentimes leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, which if not cared for, will eventually result in breakage. If you want to switch to using natural shampoos to cleanse your hair thoroughly whilst at the same time delivering other nourishing benefits including conditioning, detangling, moisturising among others, you may wish to consider switching to herbal shampoos such as Ambunu herbs (this will be fully explored in another blog).

Conditioning your hair after each wash is a sure way to protect it from those undesirable effects of some chemical-laden shampoos and to keep your hair adequately nourished and strengthened against breakage. Hair types that are prone to tangles and knots will become a breeze to manage when they are deeply conditioned with the right conditioner and same applies to every other hair type, since even the silkiest of hair will also be prone to dryness and the 'stripped feel' you get from using some shampoos on your hair.

Presenting you with NatureCares Chebe Ambunu Ayurvedic Herbs Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner which works amazingly when applied correctly. This 100% organic and natural, vegan-friendly product is supercharged with amazing botanical extracts that hit all the right notes as far as hair nourishment is concerned. The reviews on their website and trading platforms including Ebay, Etsy, Depop etc speak for themselves. It contains Chebe Powder extracts- a well known deep moisturising and conditioning powder from Chad, Ambunu herbs extracts- another powerful Chadian herbs that cleanse, detangle, condition and nourish hair to extraordinary levels. This product is equally packed full with Ayurvedic herbs such as Fenugreek, Amla and a lot of other amazing plant oils that deliver optimum nourishment to your hair. It's an all-in-one hair conditioner that your hair will indeed be grateful to you for. Your hair will equally benefit massively from using occasional deep conditioning paste/mask to ensure that adequate moisture and nourishment is locked into your hair.

Here is a quick instructions or tips on how you may deeply condition your hair;

Part your washed or dampened hair and divide into 4 sections. As with any new product you are introducing to your skin or hair, you should have performed a patch test at least 48 hours prior to full application. Also ensure that you have completely read all ingredients list to ascertain that you are not allergic to any of them. Then proceed to apply NatureCares Pure Chebe Moringa Fenugreek Hair Growth Paste on your hair sections taking care to avoid the scalp, since Chebe does irritate the scalp. Focus only on the hair shafts until saturated. Leave on for between 30 minutes to up to an hour depending on your hair texture and sensitivity. Proceed to wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water until all the paste comes off. If residue remains, you can apply Ambunu shampoo which is packed with its own benefits as hinted above. It contains saponin that has a great cleansing ability without the stripping that comes with chemical shampoo. Finally, dry your hair gently and proceed with NatureCares Chebe Ambunu Ayurvedic Herbs Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner. Apply generously to hair and very gently massage into scalp in a circular motion until hair is completely saturated with the product. Allow to absorb for 3-5 minutes before combing gently, starting from the tips and without pulling nor tugging your hair. Please be patient! Proceed to style as desired. There you go! Experience the power of Moringa extracts as it performs its magic on your hair. Exceptionally glossy, smoother, stronger, healthier and lustrous lengthier mane in no time, is just one of the after-effects of Moringa products. The second one is lots of compliments from people due to the visible results.

Why not try Nettle Shampoo Bar with Moringa oil for Instant Results

Did you know that a concoction of Moringa and Nettle ingredients can equally create similar magical effects on your hair? Well, it is true as it helps in both reducing scalp and hair dryness as well as controlling dandruff. The reason being that both ingredients are a powerhouse of rich nutrients and minerals that deliver instant effect for hair health including boosting hair growth and regrowth. The shampoo bar is formulated with mild cleansing ingredients without the nasty chemicals and also brimming with Moringa oil, Nettle and other plant extracts that will hydrate and keep your hair moisturised with all their nourishing properties. Therefore, if you're tired of dandruff, go in for NatureCares Nettle Avocado Flaxseed Hair Growth/Regrowth Shampoo Bar Soap with Vit E.

One of the major reasons I recommend this product is due to its awesome blend of natural ingredients such as Nettle, Avocado, Moringa and Flaxseed all of which fill the gap for lack-lustre or dry and thinning hair. These nourish hair follicles from the roots to the tips of the hair, and thus leaving your hair healthier, softer and stronger than ever.

Moringa as your Haircare Buddy - Use it in your daily routine

Did you know why Moringa is gaining huge popularity across the world? It may be owing to a huge base of scientific research on this powerhouse ingredient suggesting its effectiveness in delivering tonnes of health benefits to the entire human body when consumed and applied topically as well. One google search and you are inundated with several scientific studies that all attest to efficacy of Moringa oleifera in addressing certain health issues owing to the myriads of the powerful nutrients it contains. It is packed full with essential amino acids (proteins which are the building block of every cell/tissue/organ in the body) and many other nutrients and properties including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects that protect the body, skin and hair from the ravages of free radicals and toxins.

Let me walk you through a few incredible reasons to choose Moringa as your haircare buddy in your daily routine. Take a look and please share your valuable thoughts with us in our NatureCares Forum.

Treats Hair loss in no time

Are you tired of continuous hair fall after shampoo? Well, there may be a variety of reasons why you are experiencing hair loss ranging from genetics, disease conditions, diet and lifestyle choices, environmental factors including climates, among others. But have you tried having a closer look at your haircare products to see what they actually contain? Have you tried exploring the cost-benefit analysis of slathering those fancy-looking bottles of products including shampoos and the rest of them, on your hair? Chances are that it might be due to the presence of certain chemicals in your favourite shampoo that may be wrecking your hair follicles and causing your hair to weaken and fallout. You may even have been experiencing dull, lack-lustre and frizzy hair without realising what the culprit was. Choose your products wisely.

Moringa has a rich source of Biotin (Vitamin B7) which stimulates keratin production in hair and boosts the rate of hair follicle growth. Because it is not stored for prolonged periods in the body, it must be replenished by consuming adequate amounts in our diets but not too much. In most cases, some people do not really have sufficient amounts in their diets to have the desired effect on our hair and skin. Luckily, topical application of these vital nutrients comes into play to help boost the hair and scalp health that will ultimately address the issue of hair loss. This is exactly why natural hair care products that are rich in these powerful nutrients are recommended. One of the major reasons for using natural organic products is that they are chemical-free and yield remarkable benefits when applied regularly.

Give your hair an instant boost with NatureCares Biotin Miliacin Complex Collagen Super Potent Hair Regrowth Mask especially formulated to treat hair breakage, brittle hair, dry & frizzy hair, split ends, beard loss, bald patches, dull hair, and the list goes long. By the way, this hair mask is for both men and women. Fascinating, highly recommend it!

Powerhouse of Minerals and Nutrients

Being a powerhouse of nutrients, Moringa has been extensively used for centuries due to its remarkable antioxidant properties, a rich source of nutrients, and minerals like Vitamin E, A, C, K, zinc, and whatnot. With the right amount of usage in your daily routine and following a healthy diet surely make a huge difference and gives perfect flawless healthy hair.

Reverse Grey Hair

It's so awkward when you observe your hair turning grey and the worst part is that you try to hide them. So no more hiding unwanted grey hair and say a big 'hello' to Moringa- your ultimate solution to grey hair! It works like magic to restore your hair glory as it comprises of specific peptides (amino acids) and is a rich source of Vitamin C which is an anti-oxidant that protects the hair from free radicals and oxidative stress that can cause the greying of hair. It is also rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 and B vitamins are well researched and found to be particularly useful in promoting healthy hair. Other nutrients found in Moringa include Magnesium, Iron, Potassium etc .This perfect composition of nutrients prevents premature greying, stimulates hair follicles, and restore back your original hair color.

Promotes Hair Thickness

Did you know that Moringa is rich in Omega 3? Well, it not only strengthens your hair but plays an important role in your overall hair development. When applied topically, it enhances the moisture content in your scalp, stimulates new hair growth and delivers a smooth natural shine to your hair.

Gets Rid of Baldness

When you experience unexpected bald spots, it’s a major matter of concern. Hair shedding occurs when your hair is deprived of the essential nutrients that are necessary to stimulate hair growth and retention. However, there are certain disease conditions and medications that can cause hair loss and baldness. Alopecia aerata for instance, is an autoimmune condition in which certain cells (white blood cells) in your immune system mistakes otherwise healthy hair follicle cells and begin to attack them as though they were foreign substances. This subsequently leads to the hair follicle cells' shrinkage and dramatic slow down or stoppage of hair production. Moringa has been widely known to be effective in addressing hair fall due to its remarkable blend of potent nutrients such as Zinc, Vitamins A among other powerhouse nutrients all of which help to boost hair re-growth and retention. These are essential for hair growth as they play an important role in keeping your scalp healthy, which ultimately stimulates hair growth. Why not indulge your hair a little and try NatureCares Pure Chebe Moringa Fenugreek Hair Growth Paste which has a superb blend of natural plant extracts including Chebe Powder, Moringa, Fenugreek and essential oils.

Eliminates Dandruff

Dandruff is irritating and could be even more embarrassing when you brush off white particles from your shoulders. Fret not, as the Moringa hair products will help in addressing your dandruff due to its exceptional antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to get rid of dandruff, bacterial infections, and itchy scalp. Your hair will have a new lease of clean healthier life, thanks to Moringa!

Moringa as a Hydrator for your Scalp

We often experience dry scalp even after regular wash in our daily routine which can lead to dandruff, itchy scalp, and endless hair issues including breakage. Moringa hair mask acts as a hydrator for your dry scalp, minimizes frizzy hair, eliminates split ends and stimulates hair growth when used correctly and regularly, but you can begin to notice the results even with a single use. That's how amazing this 'Tree of life' is! If you are experiencing hair fall, dandruff, and dry scalp, try out a hair mask and never skimp on your conditioners!

This brings me to the end of this blog and I hope you have got a fair idea of how Moringa is truly a star ingredient that makes your hair incredibly softer, shinier, stronger, and healthier.

Isn't it time to say goodbye to pricey, harsh chemical hair care products and say hello to natural plant-based products, vegan-friendly and completely free from Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrance, Aluminum, PEG, SLS. Use these natural products naturally and you will certainly experience mind-blowing results in no time. Hope you find this piece informative. Please share your valuable thoughts, queries, suggestions and experiences with us on NatureCares Forum. We would love to see them. Thank you for reading, Have a good day!

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