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How to Get Crystal Clear, Spotless Skin Tone and get rid of Acne & Scars

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Skincare is not only one of the key aspects of our daily regimen but also a form of self-love and an indulgence we enjoy. In a fast-paced modern lifestyle, we are very busy with time-tied schedules and often forget how important it is to nurture our skin. This can eventually lead to unwanted skin issues such as clogged pores, dry and thirsty skin and even irritation, inflammation and potentially some nasty infection. Neglected skin often appear dull, tired and aged.

If you want to have clear, spotless skin that is free of acne & its undesirable scars, follow these healthy practices. Wash your face twice a day, moisturise your face, skin toning, drink tons of water and keep yourself hydrated, exfoliate at least twice a week but don't overdo it, follow a healthy diet, and use chemical-free natural skincare products. Pretty simple isn't it? Yes indeed and the best bit; you don't even have to break the bank to achieve your dream skin! Here are tried and proven steps to maximize the benefits from some of our range of natural skincare products.

STEP 1: Cleanse your skin with our Blue Tansy Calming Bar Soap

If your skin is happy with detergents, why not add Blue Tansy bar soap suitable for sensitive, unbalanced, and dry skin to your skincare regime. Say goodbye to harsh chemical soaps and say hello to NatureCares Blue Tansy Calming Skin Renewal E Anti-Ageing Bar Soap with Rosehip, Vitamin E: Rich in Chamazulene - a compound in the star ingredient -Blue Tansy, that gives a soothing effect and helps calm redness from inflammation to your skin. Blue tansy has two significant compounds - Sabinene and Camphor which are anti-inflammatory agents that work even more effectively when applied regularly. The camphor concentration in blue tansy oil helps to repair damaged skin and wrinkles. Moreover, the presence of Rosehip oil containing Linoleic acid is an important component of ceramides that keeps your skin moisturized. It is also rich in vitamin C, helps in preventing UV damage, reduces hyper-pigmentation, regulates skin cells and the appearance of wrinkles.

If you absolutely don’t want any detergent or soap on your skin, then use NatureCares Blue Tansy Oleogel 2 in 1 Oil Milk Facial Cleanser into your daily skincare routine and experience the remarkable cleansing effects. This is due to the presence of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties of Blue Tansy, and a powerhouse of essential vitamins. Studies show that applying skin cleansers balances our skin’s natural sebum and removes unwanted dirt and dead skin cell deposits from your skin. If you want to get clear, spotless skin, and get rid of acne & scars, Blue tansy Oleogel s super gentle oil to milk facial cleanser is the best bet for you. Mix this Facial Cleanser with water till you see water turns into milk. Apply gently on your face in circular motions and wash it with lukewarm water. Blue tansy face cleanser helps unclog pores from your skin, reduce inflammation, prevent pimples, skin breakouts and remove unwanted bacteria. You will experience a beautiful refreshing look on your face in no time.

STEP 2: Give your skin an Instant Boost with All-in-one Potent Cream

Face creams work amazingly well to nourish your skin when applied regularly, strengthens the skin barrier for protection against UV rays and bacteria that causes premature ageing. Introducing NatureCares Anti-ageing peptide cocktail: Argireline Matrixyl 3000 a multitasking cream that can be used both day and night and applied only after skin cleanser. It instantly improves the clarity of lustrous skin, removes dullness, protects delicate skin, minimizes thin lines, reduces wrinkles, stimulates the production of new cells, collagen synthesis, tightens sagging skin, fights off free radicals, enhances skin elasticity, and myriad skin benefits you would ever imagine. Moreover, it targets the signs of ageing due to a highly concentrated cocktail of age-defying peptides and botanical extracts that produces remarkable results and keeps your age a secret. If you want to reap maximum benefits to your skin, this age-defying all-in-one potent cream is your best bet.

Apply facial cream to a pat-dried face using fingertips in upward circular motions until absorbed. The presence of Blue tansy, Vitamins, and nutrients has an incredibly calming effect and anti-inflammatory properties that help to accomplish a beautiful spotless crystal clear skin and get rid of acne and scars effectively.

STEP 3: Apply Regular Sunscreen before makeup

Our skin is susceptible to harmful sun radiations which lead to skin discoloration, wrinkles, and other diseases. Use regular sunscreen (daytime) before makeup regularly. It acts as a protective layer against UV rays and reduces wrinkles.

STEP 4: Moisturize your skin with Serenity Balm

Seal the deal with NatureCares Blue Tansy Serenity Balm suitable for normal, ageing, dry skin, décolleté, arms, hands, and affected areas of skin issues. It is incredibly made of 100% pure essential oils and luxurious formula delivers intense moisture to keep dry, troubled skin supple and dewy. A little goes a long way, so only use a little amount and gently massage in circular motions until absorbed.

For advanced skincare, use NatureCares Blue Tansy Calming & Skin Renewal Facial Oil that has skin healing and calming effects and contains pure essential oils like carrot seed oil, Frankincense oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba Oil, and Ylang-ylang oil that helps in skin toning minimizes the appearance of thin lines, reduces scars, alleviates anxiety and maintaining healthy younger-looking skin. Apply in small amounts to the face, neck, and décolleté using fingertips before applying makeup and massage gently in upward direction until absorbed.

Repeat the above steps at night and allow 20-30 minutes for the skin to absorb the products before hitting the bed. Ensure you allow a few minutes gap in between layering each product after cleansing.

You can even use these skincare products individually based on skin type but for best results, if one really wants proper care or a complete ritual, follow the above procedure, and you will certainly experience happy younger-looking skin.

Regardless of how busy our lives are, cultivating a skincare regimen is truly a form of self-care one should practice consistently because it’s about loving yourself.

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